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Here you find a list of places called "Coeliac friendly", what means they have on menu some gluten-free options for coeliacs. I will share my experiences when visiting these places in Ireland and in my trips to other countries. Restaurants and bakeries 100% gluten free or free from allergenic ingredients will also be on this list even when I have never been there. You are also invited to write a guest post to share your own experience and to give tips for those who may be traveling and looking for a safe place to eat - please, contact us. Bear in mind that although we will only share places able to offer meal for coeliacs, we cannot guarantee that all of them are 100% safe when it is about gluten cross-contamination and no responsibility can be assumed by Zero Gluten & Lactose for dishes incorrectly served as gluten-free. Please, pay attention in every detail posted here, check if changes may have applied and learn how to explain your needs when you eat out. Always ask the serving staff to inform the kitchen and double check with them about your food before eating it. Your health and wellbeing come first!


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