How to Get Back on Track with Diet After the Holidays

If you were on holidays and without even noticed you have slipped into bad habits day after day, don’t panic! Getting back on track with diet and lifestyle does not have to be complicated. The first thing you can do is stop punishing yourself. Negative thoughts about how you should have done things differently will not help. Instead of beating yourself up, take a deep breath, come up with a plan and follow the tips below:

  • Start by increasing your water intake, while decreasing the consumption of alcohol and drinks high in sugar – soda, juices, energy drinks. Water will keep you hydrated and help you to get rid of toxins;
  • Invest in your mornings. If possible, start your day with exercises and have breakfast with sources of proteins and fiber, ditching sugary foods or drinks on your first meal. This will boost your energy level and might help you to make healthier choices throughout your day;
  • Plan your week. When you have a meal plan, it is easy to stick to healthier choices. And don’t forget healthy snacks. You may find yourself looking for foods more often than usual, so grab some snacks,  like hummus and carrots, nut butter and apples, a mix of nuts, and so on;
  • Do not procrastinate your workout routine. You may find yourself unmotivated to go to the gym, but it is important to keep your body moving. Find a buddy or try any other exercise/physical activity that you enjoy;

To achieve your best in health, set a major goal. Then break down your goal into small actions. This approach helps you see the positive results step by step, and keep the motivation needed to change. We are more likely to stick with smaller changes over time.

Stay healthy!

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