How to start a healthy lifestyle

We know what we should be eating or how much exercise we should be doing to be healthy, right? If so, why we are still not working on that?

There are many reasons why we are still on the wrong path. We find excuses to not exercise because we are busy, because we are tired, because we don’t have money to do what we love. Additionally, we don’t know how to cook or we simply don’t like to cook anymore. And it is convenient buying processed foods or fast foods. We save our precious time, and we can buy cheap meals ready to eat at supermarkets or restaurants/food chains. They taste good. Are they healthy? Some of them claim to be healthy. And they did not kill us so far. It should not be that bad, right? Wrong, and wrong.

However, changing is not easy, especially with media and friends influences, environment interference, and the habits we already created. To change, we need to get ourselves motivated. And how to do that? It has nothing to do with the fear of having a heart attack, Alzheimer or cancer. It cannot be only about love motivations (changing habits for your family). The motivation must be intrinsic, real, coming from the enjoyment and love for the process of change, not for the result.

I’ve changed a lot since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Was it easy? Of course, not. But at first, I didn’t have many choices (gluten should not be part of my diet anymore). Then I started on the wrong path, eating some gluten-free processed foods and a lot of homemade gluten-free alternatives for bread, cakes, biscuits. It took me a while until I realized it was not working.

Eventually, I found the love for the process of changing. I started eating real food to help my body to recover. And, now, every time I eat, I feel well. Eating is pleasurable during and after I finish my meal. Additionally, I could see my health improving. So, when I see food that I used to enjoy before, the image that comes to my mind is of sickness. Strange, isn’t it? It’s not pleasurable anymore. I’ve found my way to start a healthy lifestyle. Together with my eating habits changes, I found something that I love to do as my physical activity. I’m not a big fan of gym clubs. And I have tried many times to convince myself it was important to my health. I gave my best. But I always ended up quitting the gym after a few months, going back, and quitting again. Then I decide to listen to my inner self. I finally found sports and activities that are enjoyable. Now I don’t have to do exercises anymore; I just want to do!

Are you willing to start a healthy lifestyle? Listen to your body, it knows better than anyone what is good for you. Truly listen to your body. Don’t fool yourself saying that drinking alcohol, relaxing on your sofa, eating pizza, burger, and chocolate is the best for you. Found your motivation. And ask for support if needed.

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