Travelling Gluten Free in Italy

Everyone knows that the common Italian foods and dishes include all types of pasta, pizza, and bread, thus wheat. So, the question is: how can someone with coeliac disease survive in Italy? The gluten-free market is growing for years and, now, it is easy to find gluten-free products in supermarkets or gluten-free food in restaurants, bakeries, and so on. According to the Coeliac Society of Italy, known as Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC) in Italy, there are more than 4000 restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, and other enterprises on the National program Eating Out.

On a recent trip to Italy, going from Rome to Salerno via Amalfi Coast, I had the opportunity to get to know a little more about the gluten-free life in that country. As I expected, eating out was ok.


Rome is a good place to eat out on a gluten-free diet. However, I always try to limit to the minimum my chances of getting glutened. Also, my dietary restrictions include dairy and soya, what makes the task of eating out a little more complicated. Therefore, cooking is always more healthy and safe. So, when travelling, I try to stay on AirBnB accommodations . In Rome, it was not different. I stayed in an apartment with food that I always carried in my bag for breakfast and, sometimes, dinner.

For lunch, I would suggest the Royal Art Cafe Roma. It is a restaurant located next to the Coliseum. I had a gluten-free pasta with Pomodoro sauce. It was delicious.

pizzaNear the Trevi Fountain, there are many restaurants with gluten-free pizza and pasta on the menu. My husband tried a gluten-free pizza. He said it was like the regular ones (he is not coeliac). Also, there is gluten-free ice cream in a cone. Remember to ask about cross-contamination.

Around the Vatican, I did not have time to find a place listed by the AIC because it was raining and all I wanted was a place to get out of the rain. I found risotto with Pomodoro sauce and mushrooms the safest option. To check restaurants recommended by the AIC, click here.


I stayed in an AirBnB house. At a local supermarket, I got fruit for breakfast and a salad for dinner that I had with the gluten-free quinoa wrap I carried in my bag.

I had lunch at the restaurant ZiAnna Mare. There is a special menu for coeliacs with seafood or gluten-free pasta – just let the staff know that you cannot eat gluten.


The city is full of history, not to mention that you need to visit the Vesuvius volcano. The Carrefour supermarket has several options for people on restrictive diets. I bought rice milk, strawberries, bananas, and nuts to have with gluten-free oatmeal. My breakfast was a nutritious porridge to boost my day and help me to climb the Vesuvius.

The AIC recommends the following places to eat out:

Osteria Da Peppino
Via Duca d’Aosta, 39
Contact name: Teresa Cucchiari
Price: €25

Pompeo Magno
Via S. Abbondio, 155
Contact name: Michelina Del Sorbo
Price: €20



It was in the beautiful Sorrento that I found the restaurant Villa Rubinacci. I had a salad with shrimp risotto. It came with a gluten-free bread tasty and tender. There is a special menu for celiacs with different choices of pasta or lasagna. Tell the wait staff that you have coeliac disease.


sorveteThis city is so beautiful that it looks more like a painting! I ended up not searching for restaurants over there because I spent just the afternoon in Amalfi. My friends stopped for an ice cream and I could see that, as in Rome, it is not difficult to find gluten-free options. The AIC has a restaurant on the Eating Out Program:

Hotel Restaurant
Via Lungomare dei Cavalieri 16, Amalfi (SA, Campania)
Contact name: Giuseppe Di Lieto
Email: [email protected]


My list was full of options. Check here some of them that are approved by the AIC.

Brera – Restaurant
Via Lungomare C. Tafuri, 1, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

Celiafree – Bakery Pasta shop Pastry shop
Via P. del Pezzo, 26, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

Del Padreterno – Trattoria
P.zza F. Gioia, 12, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

La Bottega Ghiotta – Bakery Pastry shop Pasta shop
Via Terre Risaie, 33, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

Salerno Pizzeria Gourmet Center
Via Roma, 200, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

Celiamix – Pizzeria
P.zza M. Ricciardi, 9, Salerno (Salerno, Campania)

Remember, if you do not feel safe eating out, it is better to stay without food. Your health and wellness come first. When travelling to Italy, contact the AIC if you have any question.

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