5 tips to change eating habits and inspire others

Every change requires willpower and dedication. But when it comes to change your eating habits, awareness is the key word. We must understand that what we eat and especially what our bodies can absorb is literally our fuel. Carbohydrates, fats, and protein along with minerals and vitamins are tools that provide energy production and all process occurring in our body without we realize it. So how to change when our family and friends are not willing to help us? Who need to follow a restrictive diet and avoid traces of certain foods have an even greater challenge. Find out how you can make your life easier and healthier.

Convince yourself that you need to change

The first step is to make the change a natural process. I do not mean that you will blink your eyes and resist temptations will become super easy. The important thing is that you understand in your heart that making choices is part of a process of recovering your health, wellness and the quality of life. Let your food be your medicine, especially if you are on restrictive diet due to medical reasons. Choose better quality “medicine” – real foods, natural foods. Also, change the sentence “I want it, but I cannot” to “I can, but do not want to.” You know that you can do anything, but every action has a reaction. What do you want for your life? Think about it.

Do not over-dramatise life, explain your situation

Make health choices confident that you are doing it for your health and wellness. Do not turn the attention of those around you for your food, but show them your determination to take care of yourself. And do not try to change others. If you share a house and need to avoid traces of some foods (as gluten, nuts and so forth), prevent it in the best way possible – use different cupboard, pots, plates, cutlery and, especially, sink sponge. And keep in mind that your posture is what inspires others. Show through your behavior that changing eating habits are good for everyone, do not use only words that can annoy people.

Find information

When you have knowledge about the impact of food on your body, healthy choices happen more naturally and you can inspire others to change their habits as well. Read expert books on the subject, watch documentaries, YouTube videos, look for a support group (especially if you have coeliac disease). With reliable information, you will explain your restriction well and live well.

Cook all your foods

Start by creating new recipes, even if you think you do not have cooking skills. It is time to face stove and pans. Look for recipes on the Internet and cook simple dishes, but delicious food for all your family or a group of friends. Allowed yourself to make mistakes because this is part of the improvement process. However, share with others every food you found delicious. It proves that change is not as hard as people think and good choices only do good to everyone.

Stop saying that healthy food is expensive

One of the great myths about healthy food is the price. It is true that organic food, seeds or nuts cost more than processed foods. But a healthy diet is based mainly on natural foods – all fruits and vegetables are better than any processed item. If you have a balanced diet, you do not need to spend a fortune to buy grains or seeds that suddenly gained ground in the functional recipes that are in the media. The first step is to start with real food. Then gradually add in your list the most expensive and naturally nutritious products when you feel you should do. Search for the least expensive alternative product with similar nutrients. Also, compare pizza and chia seeds. Although it seems that they have very different prices (by the size of it), how long last a pizza and how long last the seed packet? Consider which of them are more inclined to feed your health and which of them are more likely to contribute to disorders.

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